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ACC Football Week #8: Review

This weekend could have very well been dubbed "Seperation Saturday" in the ACC. There is a lot more clarity in the title game picture now than before.
Virginia 23 UNC 0

May have set off a firestorm of rumors that John Bunting is about to resign or it didn't.

Maryland 26 NC State 20

Hasn't this been the knock on NC State and Chuch Amato? It is not the ability to beat the big time teams that concerns them but being able to get up to beat the teams they should beat. Maryland is a decent team but one the Pack might have struggled with early in the game and then won going away. That did not happen and NCSU was down 20-6 by the third quarter and furiously rallied back only to run out of time. This is NC State's second conference loss and with Clemson and Ga Tech waiting in the wings I think we can declare their conference title game hopes official on life support.

Miami 20 Duke 15

You know if there were any real justice in this world Duke would have scored on one of the TWO chances they had at the end of the game and handed the Hurricanes one of the most startling examples of poetic justice since Miami lost to Alabama in the 1993 Sugar Bowl. Duke took two shots at the endzone late in the game but turned it over on downs the first time and threw an interception the second time which Miami being the classless bunch of pigs they are, attempted to run back for a TD only to have the returner fall down at the 30 and fumble the ball. So I guess there was some measure of poetic justice just not enough for my taste.

#22 Boston College 24 Florida State 19

The only thing you get from this one is still very much in the hunt for Jacksonville with only one loss. FSU is done with three losses. If BC can find a way to win the rest of their games in the conference they will represent the Atlantic division in Jacksonville because they own the tiebreaker with Clemson. Wake Forest is the greatest threat to a BC first place finish so the first weekend in November will offer another shake-up weekend.

Virginia Tech 36 Southern Miss 6

Does it seem like everyone plays Southern Miss? VT serves up the predictable win and breaks a two game losing streak. And no Virginia Tech players were dancing in the winning of this game just to make Kirk Herbstreit happy.

Clemson 31 Georgia Tech 7

I don't know if anyone thought it would go down that way. Clemson's James Davis had a ridiculous 216 yards of rushing and Clemson dominated the Jackets in every facet of the game. There is little doubt in my mind Clemson will win out it's ACC schedule and end up 7-1. Unfortunately that one loss at Boston College could end up screwing them out of Jacksonville if the Eagles fail to lose again. The two stiffest challenges for 3-1 BC? They will travel to Wake Forest in two weeks and end the regular season in Miami. Home games with Duke and Maryland are sandwiched in between but if BC ends up 7-1 then they go to Jacksonville and Clemson misses out on it's best chance to win the ACC Championship.

This Week: 5-1
This Season: 46-15