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Coaching Search Rumor of the Day #2

Now, I spent some time in the last post lambasting "sources" who were out there telling the media who the top candidate for UNC's coaching search was to the detriment of the search itself.

However, quotes from a potential candidate on his possible interest in the job is different altogether and actually may not be construed as rumor. According to the Charlotte Observer, Butch Davis is interested in the UNC job:

"I don't know what direction they're going to go in," he said by telephone, "but I definitely am interested, and I'm interested in getting back into coaching."

Davis, an analyst for the NFL Network, said it was "premature" to discuss the job or his interest in further detail because North Carolina is just beginning its search process with dismissed coach John Bunting directing the team through the end of the season.

How much is there to get excited about here? Not too much in my opinion. He says he is interested but also interested in getting back into coaching in general. Davis is a smart guy and he knows that at the very least he should put his name in the hat to keep his options open. I am disturbed by the fact he expressed interest publically which might be indicative of him pressing his own agenda. Davis or his agent can(and may have for all I know) easily pick up a phone and express interest. Anything outside of that is most likely self serving. Davis has been widely rumored to be in the $2 million a year range in salary which is outside of UNC's ballpark given the financial commitments to the basketball program and buying out the former football coach. So take his comments for what they are worth. I think he is playing the PR game for his own benefit, not because he actually wants the job.

Now that being said....

UNC should absolutely offer him the job as soon as possible with the best contract they can muster and then give him a limited time window to respond so they can move on if he is simply playing games. If it is a bluff on Davis' part then call it right now and let's move on, otherwise you end up chasing him around for a week while everyone laughs at you.

And also, for the love the Old Well, do it in secret and do not use in publically tracked planes in the process either.