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Miami's Decisionmaking Never Ceases to Amaze Me

Miami is two weeks removed from a huge brawl for which they handed down 12 one game suspensions. The administration in Coral Gables also did a lot of posturing as well as tough talk about how they would crack down on bad behavior. So in light of these events, what is the one thing you could do that would be a total confirmation that your are still full of crap when it comes to cleaning up your image? How about reinstating a receiver you had suspended indefinitely because he assaulted a woman. That's right Larry Coker has reinstated Ryan Moore for the Georgia Tech game which has gigantic Coastal division implications. This is also the reason why 12 players only missed the Duke game and not anything else.

I want to know why someone at Miami does not come in and tell Coker that reinstating a player, who still has charges pending, before your most important game of the season reeks of being more concerned with winning than anything else. And yes winning is important but shouldn't you at least wait until his legal troubles have past before putting him in a game? Not according to Larry Coker:

"He's been suspended for, what now, seven games? That's a pretty harsh punishment," Coker said. "The perception, I don't know what the perception is going to be. I know what the right thing to do is. ... We're going to move forward."

I really do not how Larry Coker sleeps at night. I think we need an expanded definition of what harsh means. Harsh, in my opinion, is being a woman and having a 6-3, 215 lb football player kick the side of your car, grab you by the neck, and push you to the ground. Being suspended seven games is not harsh compared to that and actually it is only five games for the assault because Moore had actually already been suspended for the Peach Bowl last season and the first two games of this season before it was extended following his legal snafu. It also should be noted that Miami safety Anthony Reddick, who was the helmet swinger during the FIU brawl, also received an indefinite suspension which means that the two actions have essentially been ajudicated the same way making them for all intents and purposes morally equivalent.

So once again Miami misses the point because Donna Shalala is bound and determined not to "throw anyone under the bus" for the sake of the school's reputation. This is not a matter of giving a player a second third chance, this is just being plain stupid.