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One More Thing on the Bunting Rumor

Since UNC is out of action having played Thursday night, I will be blogging on the lighter side between now and Monday unless something breaks.

As for yesterday's little non-starter it was a nice diversion. I still maintain something is afoot within the UNC administration or the board of trustees. I maintain this was either a case of someone attempting to pressure Bunting into resigning by putting the reality out there in an effort to garner public reaction or someone let the cat out of the bag too early prompting UNC/Bunting to deny the report in an effort to adhere to their own timetable in the matter. The rumor coming on the tail of the two N&O articles and the statement from Dick Baddour Thursday night lends itself to an interpretation of the events in a certain light. In my opinion it points to someone tipping the media to advance an agenda.

So in one respect the WCHL report may not have been wrong, but the statement from UNC and Bunting makes it wrong for now. If it was a case of someone going to the media too soon then they did the university and the fan base a disservice as well as Bunting who at least should be afforded the opportunity to walk away, if he chooses, and to do so with dignity and on his own timing. And if someone is simply pushing the issue in an effort to make it happen sooner rather than at season's end that actually may not be a good thing. I think this is a bigger mess now than it was before and than it ever had to be in the long run.

So we will wait and see what happens from this point on. I think most of us will be far more cautious next time around.