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Rich Rodriguez Is Not a Good Choice

I have always wondered about situations where a single guy likes a girl but she is happily dating some guy who treats her well. Then all of sudden the girl decides to leave her boyfriend and date the guy that likes her. My question for the first guy is why would you go out with a girl who would leave a happy relationship for you? Wouldn't you be afraid she would do the same thing to you at some point down the road?

This is how I feel about West Virginia's Rich Rodriguez. Yesterday he gave a less than passionate effort in deflecting UNC coaching search talk which sent the whole world into a frenzy. Later on though he clarified his remarks later and gave the standard "I love my school and we are focused on the next game" statement.

The first question everyone is asking about Rodriguez is why he would leave his national title contending alma mater to take on a rebuilding project at UNC? The answer is he wouldn't and the issue of his salary a la Frank Beamer in 2000 comes to mind. Then I started thinking about the girl leaving the guy for the other guy scenario which leads me to an even better question. If Rodriguez is willing to walk away from his alma mater and the national contender team he built to take the UNC job then what do you think the chances are he will do the same thing to UNC when a job opens up in the SEC, Big 10, or Big 12? I would say the chances are really good that would be the case. Look at it this way, if Rodriquez walks away from West Virginia for UNC then he is saying that all of the ties that keep him at West Virginia such as being an alum and being a national title contender in an easier conference are meaningless. Such a move would clearly illustrate that Rodriguez is concerned about one thing and that is the size of his annual salary. So the only interest the present West Virgnia coach has in this process is growing his bank account and if West Virginia will not do it then he would be happy to take the UNC job to get it done.

And do it again when the opportunity arises.