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Sean May Lays Off The Junk Food

According to the Charlotte Observer, the 2005 Final Four Most Outstanding Player, is coming into his second NBA season a very lean 260 pounds after spending an intense summer in Chapel Hill working out alongside Marvin Williams. May and Williams also played in some serious pick-up games with former UNC stars Jerry Stackhouse and David Noel as well as current players Reyshawn Terry and Tyler Hansbrough. According to May, Hansbrough is by far the toughest to play against:

Who was tougher to go against, Stackhouse or Hansbrough?

"Um," says May.

Come on.

"Hansbrough," says May. "Stackhouse is old and he's just trying to run up and down and stay in shape. But Tyler always makes it personal. He loves playing against (the pros), and that's what you love about him. He's intense even when we're having a shooting drill. That's why he's going to be a special talent."

I can imagine that many UNC fans would have given their right arms to have seen a frontline of Williams, May, and Hansbrough on the court in Chapel Hill last season but alas it was not meant to be. It would seem that Hansbrough's intensity from last season has not waned. The attitude he brings the court will be crucial in setting the tone for UNC team that is still quite young. The loss of David Noel is also the loss of the team's emotional leader so the intensity Hansbrough brings could serve to fill that void. I also cannot help but think what a nice fringe benefit UNC players enjoy in being able to play against NBA caliber talent during the summer, even if they are pickup games. There are not many schools in the country where you see that kind of thing happening.

Basketball practice opens in 10 days...