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Tar Heel Fan on the Radio

***updated with audio***

Joe Ovies at 620 the Bull taped an interview with me today as their "Blogger of the Week." They plan to play the interview at either 8:45 or 9:15 am on the Thursday edition of "The Morning MoJo." That can be heard on 620 AM in the Raleigh/Durham area.

I have asked to see if Joe can provide me a copy of the interview in MP3 format so I can post it here on the blog for those of you who are not in the listening area.

Many thanks to Joe and 620 for the opportunity.


They played the interview at 9:15 this morning. I never like hearing audio of myself and I thought it sounded okay, though I think I should probably stick to blogging for the most part. Anyway, Joe was gracious enough to find time in his busy schedule to forward me a copy of the interview for those of you who may have missed it for whatever reason. So enjoy!

Click here to download the audio.