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The Coaching Search: Day 2

Joe Ovies at the 850/620 blog has a nice roundup of articles on the press conference yesterday as well as other issues.

As we move forward, most of the attention will be turned towards how the recruits will react since the upcoming class is highly touted. Mike Paulus, the 10th ranked QB in the class and brother of Duke's Greg Paulus, says he is in wait and see mode. Durham Hillside linebacker Jonathan Smith says he is still committed to UNC. I would imagine the rest of them are probably doing what Paulus is doing to see who gets hired to head the program.

Steve Logan was on 620 this morning and made a very good point that the first thing UNC needs to do is not draw up a list of candidates but gather all of the influential people together behind closed doors and map out what they want UNC football to look like and determine its importance at North Carolina. Based on that "profile" UNC should then start looking at the candidates to locate the best fit for the program. Logan said most schools turn it into a "beauty contest" where they pursue coach after coach based on popularity or the so called "big name" label and when it is over they end up hiring the wrong person. This of course is how UNC ended up where it is today.

I think Logan is correct and UNC needs to draw up a plan which lays out the goals for the football program and then hire someone based on those criteria.

And they also should stick Dick Baddour in a corner with some toys and tell him to play quietly while the grown-ups have their meeting.