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The Coaching Search: Day 3[UPDATED]

There are way too many articles out there right now. I have not read much nor do I have the time to comment on every piece. I think I am going to let the day ride out here and offer some commentary this evening, unless something breaks. Here are all the relevant articles my trusty RSS feed aggregator gave me this morning.

News and Observer

Bunting refused to resign
Aiding UNC's search

Davis wants to coach again, but not necessarily at UNC
Caulton Tudor: Heels' next coach should have...

Durham Herald Sun

Baddour resists naming names
Frank Dascenzo: This time, Baddour needs to get it right

North Carolina AD: No timetable for coaching search

Charlotte Observer

Langston Wertz: Heels need to step on it
Davis expresses interest in UNC

News and Record

UNC recruits must make choice again
Firing gives UNC a head start

Fayetteville Observer

Agent: Davis shows interest in UNC football job

Winston-Salem Journal

Three recruits say they'll stick with UNC
Kragthorpe, Rodriguez, Johnson said to be on UNC's wish list
Search for UNC coach may have familiar feel

David Glenn's ACC Journal

UNC Search Hard To Figure (It's Early)

850/620 Blog

Stop, Rumor Time[UPDATED]