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Wake Forest 24 UNC 17

I listened to this on the radio, well most of it anyway and I can tell you I heard both the least used and most used phrase by a UNC play-by-play announcer this season and they were:

"Touchdown, Carolina"


"Dailey throws....INTERCEPTION"

Can you guess which one is which?

It was a better effort today, which I stated in the preview would actually be a little sad considering it took firing the coach before you actually saw a competitive UNC team on the field. Then again Joe Dailey remains arguably the worst passing QB in the country throwing two more interceptions as Dailey and Cam Sexton spent the day rotating in and out at QB. Wake Forest in undoubtedly happy to leave Chapel Hill with a win and just in case you hadn't noticed, Wake went 3-0 against the other members of the Big Four making them the de facto state champions. Though it should be noted Appalachian State throttled Furman today 40-7 in Boone which means if UNC played App it might be uglier than the Clemson game. ECU is also playing some good ball, just ask Virginia.

Anyway, I think many people have discussed and will continue to discuss the concept that UNC players are now playing with emotion. I honestly cannot think of a bigger indictment of John Bunting or the way he prepared a football team than having his 1-6 team come out and play their best game all season after he has been fired. In my opinion Bunting never had this team's attention and for whatever reason anything he did to get them ready to play competitively on the field was insufficient. I am not sure how much Bunting can be blamed for that aspect of the situation. However, he does catch some flak for that considering it is his responsibility to not only put a good team on the field but one that is mentally/emotionally ready to play at a high level.

Not that it matters too much now.