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Carlyle Cup Update

North Carolina defeated Duke in bothe men and women's swimming and diving on Wednesday, by scores of 149-88 and 145 to 89, respectively. There's no sport on the UNC campus I know less about than swimming and diving, so if anyone has any commentary on whether these were impressive victories or not, or the outlooks for the teams in these sports, I'd love to hear it. If nothing else, the linked story has pictures of two-event winner Philip Owen (but not alas, Kristen Oxford, who accomplished the same feat) in a small bathing suit, if you're intereted in that sort of thing.

The wins are worth a Carlyle point apiece (for men's and women's, not swimming and diving) bringing the overall score to 4.5 to 3.5, Duke. The next event closes out the fall season, with the two teams meeting to end their seasons of football futility.