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Good Seats Still Available

Artist's rendering of this year's ACC Championship

Surprising absolutely no one, local sales for the ACC championship game are rather dismal. Without FSU or Miami, Jacksonville locals aren't that interested, and not knowing who Georgia Tech's opponent will be is depressing sales to the point Alltel Stadium may not re-up for another two years.

Now, I'm biased, having been to Jacksonville for UNC's two Gator Bowls of the Mack Brown era and finding the city a spectacularly lousy place to visit, but the sooner the championship moves out of Florida, the better. Sticking the game in a non-destination city on the ass-end of the conference isn't going to bring in the crowds you want unless the Florida schools or travel-anywhere Virginia Tech is on the bill. The league is screwed if BC win the Atlantic division - no one's crossing the country for this game - and only slightly better off if Wake Forest comes out on top, with their small but willing fan base.

Of course, the best way to drum up attendance is to put better teams on the field. If that happens in the next couple of years, it soesn't matter where you hold the game. Someone should really work on that.