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Superflouos Blogging

The internet has made me obselete:

  • I was planning on putting together the historical results of the ACC-Big 10 Challenge games, but Wikipedia has already done it. With Michigan's loss to the Wolfpack last night, Michigan State is now he only Big 10 team with an above 0.500 record in the Challenge.
  • Tar Heel Fan has said everything that needs to be said on the Butch Davis hiring process. It was an incredibly smart play to start the coaching search early, especially when chasing someone not bound to the current NCAA or NFL seasons, and wouldn't have succeeded were Baddour to wait until November. I wonder how much of a role this New York Times article played in that strategy.
  • The News and Observer has Davis' contract details, which are heavily weighted to get him to stick around. The numbers are vague of course, but since it's almost impossible for newspapers to mention these things unless someone's being hired or fired - just try to find the details of Roy Williams' contract on the web now - it's good to make a note of them here.