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Seven Years of Suffering

North Carolina's 2-5 record in the ACC-Big Ten Challenge is surprisingly poor, even accounting for the fact that the first four years consisted of Bill Guthridge's final season at Matt Doherty's three-year tenure. It's especially galling when compared to Duke's now 8-0 record, after last night's incredibly ugly game. But I'll tell you one thing, if you're a Big Ten team it bodes well for your season to have UNC on the schedule instead of Duke, and not just for that November win. Here's the seven years of the challenge for Carolina and Duke, and the poll finishes - AP before the tournament and ESPN after - for their opponents:

North Carolina

  1. Michigan State 86, UNC 76 - National Champions
  2. Michigan State 77, UNC 64 - 3rd (AP and Coaches), Final Four team
  3. Indiana 79, UNC 66 - Unranked (AP), 3rd (Coaches), Runner-Up
  4. Illinois 92, UNC 65 - 13th (AP and Coaches)
  5. UNC 88, Illinois 81 - 12th (AP), 11th (Coaches)
  6. UNC 70, Indiana 63 - Unranked (AP and Coaches)
  7. Illinois 68, UNC 64 - 13th (AP), 17th (Coaches)
  1. Duke 72, Illinois 69 - 21st (AP), Unranked (Coaches)
  2. Duke 78, Illinois 77 - 4th (AP), 6th (Coaches)
  3. Duke 80, Iowa 62 - Unranked (AP and Coaches)
  4. Duke 91, Ohio State 76 - Unranked (AP and Coaches)
  5. Duke 72, Michigan State 50 - Unranked (AP and Coaches)
  6. Duke 81, Michigan State 74 - 15th (AP), 5th (Coaches), Final Four team
  7. Duke 75, Indiana 67 - Unranked (AP and Coaches)
Three teams have faced UNC in the challenge and found their way to the Final Four. Only two have met Duke and even managed to end the season in the polls. Somehow I think Ohio State and Indiana are going to continue those trends.

The big game tips off in just a couple of hours. Big Ten Wonk has heartening stats on the Heels' play, plus a drinking game for tonight that should leave you able to drive home from the bar.