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Carlyle Cup Update

It probably doesn't have the mass interest the previous item did, but at least one person came to this blog optimistically googling for an "ACC field hockey blog" so here goes:

#8 UNC avenged their earlier defeat at the hands of #4 Duke, two to nothing in the ACC Tournament. Those are national rankings by the way, the seeds are 6 and 3 respectively. The ACC has sort of cornered the market on field hockey this year.

UNC went on to lose to Wake Forest today, 3-0. The women's volleyball team picked the same day to drop their second match of the season to the Blue Devils, so the overall standing stands at 4.5 to 1.5, advantage Evil.

The next Carlyle Cup events are Swimming and Diving, next Wednesday at Duke. Wake Forest goes on to play top-ranked Maryland for the field hockey championship tomorrow, and UNC vies for the women's soccer championship tomorrow against Florida State. Oh, and there's a football game tomorrow as well. It might make TV - I hear this Notre Dame team is kind of popular.