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Coaching Search Update

Obviously, there has still been no announcement of a football hire at UNC. That being said, the consensus as ably summed up in this StateFans Nation post is as follows:

  • The job is Butch Davis' if he wants it.
  • Davis has been putting together a coaching staff to take a college gig, and said staff are exploring the desirability of Chapel Hill
  • There are other, more plum jobs that may appear on the market. The big concern is not Miami - I still can't see a coach going back to a job he so satisfiedly left - but Alabama, stuggling mightly this year. The potential of an opening there increased after this weekend's loss to Mississippi State, but the Alabama faithful don't seem ready to toss Shula out the door just yet.
In other words, it's still a waiting game of your a Carolina fan. One thing I wouldn't worry about, to repeat something I said over at David Glenn's place is that the announcement will be postponed to the end of the season. You don't see midseason coaching announcements in college football because midseason firings are rare, and the hiring of someone outside the college ranks after such a firing is rarer still. If Davis takes the job, I assume it will be announced immediately, for recruiting purposes. After all, such announcements are commonplace when a coach announces he will retire at the end of the season, and someone inhouse is appointed his successor.

In other news, Rakes of Mallow catches me not knowing what position Jeff Samardzija plays. Hell, I was just happy I spelled "Samardzija" right. As what for what else Brady Quinn needed to do, I'd start with "Avoid the guys in blue running at him" or even "Move." I know 348 yards seems impressive, but the QB from Furman managed 310 against the Heels (on less passes), and had positive rushing numbers to boot. Quinn's not Heisman-worthy.