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A Fan's Dilemma

J.P. Gilgio at ACC Now quotes an intriguing piece from a writer at the Atlanta Journal Constitution:

Mark Bradley, of the AJC, poses an interesting question to Georgia Tech fans: Would you rather beat Georgia or win the ACC title?

It may not be an either/or situation, particularly given the state of UGa's offense and that Virginia Tech possibly knocked Clemson out of the ACC title game.

You could apply this question to Carolina fans, in a different context: Would you rather go 2-10 with wins over N.C. State and Duke or 10-2 with losses to N.C. State and Duke?

I think most UNC fans would take the former at this point. Ditto for State fans.

Well obviously at this point we will take anything we can get. Finishing 3-9 with wins over the two rivals is better than finishing 1-11. The choice between going 2-10 and beating the rivals versus going 10-2 while losing to them is a no brainer. You take the 10-2 season and the bowl game that comes with it. Rivals games have a lot of meaning but there is a point where you are willing to trade those wins off in exchange for other considerations.