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ACC Basketball Review(11/13)

Here is the weekend that was in ACC basketball:

  • Is Virginia for real or is Arizona sleeping early? I guess we will find out come March. UVa opens their new arena in style beating #10 Arizona 93-90.
  • Duke opened the season by thrashing Columbia 86-43. Freshman Brian Zoubek had 18 to lead the Devils. Josh McRoberts did not even break into double figures but had seven board and three blocks. Greg Paulus did play 19 minutes so I am guessing the foot was not as bad as originally reported.
  • Clemson is not a good team. Only beating Monmouth by eight and Old Dominion by four means the Tigers are in for some epic beatings come ACC time.
  • Same goes for Wake Forest who had to rally from 13 down to James Madison to win by nine at home.
  • Florida International came across the ocean to the BUC and got their butts kicked by Miami 73-50.
  • Florida State and Maryland deposited their respective cupcakes in the win column moving to 1-0 and 3-0 respectively.
  • Duke, FSU, Georgia Tech, and Boston College all play this evening. Just do not eat too much frosting, okay?