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ACC Basketball Update(11/17)

This basketball thing every single night is kind of cool right now...

  • Thaddeus Young and Javaris Crittenton. Get used to hearing those names. Georgia Tech 103 Georgia State 74.
  • I remember a game UNCG played against Duke back in the mid 1990s when Duke was a little down and UNCG was one of the best teams in the Big South. About 1000 students gathered in Fleming Gym on campus to watch it on a big screen and the Spartans played Duke fairly close before losing. The game tonight was nothing like that with Duke winning 75-48.
  • I turned on the Maryland-St John's game at halftme and saw the Terps were up 58-21 and began wondering if perhaps I had undestimated Maryland this season. The Terps went onto win 90-62 but that was as much a statement game for Maryland as it was anything else.
  • Tonight: Clemson, Miami, Wake Forest and game two of the Sidney Lowe era at NC State.