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ACC Basketball Update(11/21)

More preseason tournaments than football bowl games...or so it seems.

  • Duke took out Air Force 71-56 in what promised to be a much closer game considering how the Falcons had throttled both Stanford and Colorado. It did not help that Air Force could not buy a three even though they came in shooting 45% from beyond the arc.
  • Georgia Tech was in a close game with Purdue and then proceeded to really open up midway through the second half for a 79-61 win. Javaris Crittenton basically took over dropping 20 points and five assists.
  • Oh Winthrop, how you disappoint. The Eagles who scared UNC senseless last week before losing could not hit the broadside of a barn with a sawed off shotgun against Maryland and lost 71-60. It was never that close though. Maybe Winthrop was worn out from having won at Mississippi State two days ago and maybe Maryland is still a whole lot better than we all thought. It is probably both, but as one poster on Inside Carolina pointed out, Maryland always plays good ball in November. We shall see.
  • Tonight: NC State plays Valparaiso, Clemson and Wake Forest both play against the SEC with Mississippi State and Vanderbilt respectively.
  • The ACC is 39-3 so far this season.