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ACC Basketball Update(11/22)

Last night while I was driving through Virginia...

  • The two sweetest words a Carolina fan hears on any given morning during basketball season: "Duke lost." Marquette upsets Duke as much as anyone can be upset four games into the season with a 73-62 win in the CBE Classic title game.
  • Georgia Tech continues to show signs of being one of the best teams in the ACC rallying from down 16 at halftime and posting 62 points in the second half to beat Memphis, 92-85. Georgia Tech will now play #5 UCLA in the Maui Invitational Final.
  • NC State moved to 3-0 in the Sidney Lowe era with a 78-64 win over Valparaiso. Gavin Grant had an absolutely monster game with 25 points and 12 rebounds. NC State, at least right now, looks better than most people thought they would be.
  • Wake Forest beat Vanderbilt 88-78 in the battle of the small private schools in major conferences.
  • Clemson beat Mississippi State 69-66. Anyone up for a Clemson-Winthrop game?
  • Tonight: UNC vs Gonzaga in the NIT, Virginia hosts UNC Asheville, Boston College travels to Providence, and Georgia Tech takes on UCLA in Maui.