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ACC Basketball Update(11/27)

Basketball ready to take center stage in the ACC...


  • Miami won again beating Lafeyette 98-66. Frank Haith obviously got the "message" Paul Dee was sending when he fired Larry Coker
  • Boston College got back to winning by finding someone in New England they could beat taking out Rhode Island 86-68.
  • Wake Forest keeps winning over the cupcakes. The problem is they are not winning by much. Wake beats App State 88-78.
  • Duke smacked Davidson around 75-47.


  • So what's the deal with Virginia Tech? Everyone was so high on them in the preseason but twice in four days they have been the victim of a mid-major team losing to Southern Illinois 69-64. It will be interesting to see how they do in actual ACC play.
  • Maryland-Eastern Shore is one of those teams that screams: "Hey, Big Time U, schedule us so you can beat us half to death!" Virginia obliged by a score of 104-63.
  • Tonight: The ACC/Big Ten Challenge kicks off with NC State hosting Michigan.