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ACC Football Week #11: Review

Georgia Tech 7 UNC 0
No way Joe Dailey ever takes a snap at QB for Butch Davis. Tech clinches the Coastal division and awaits the for the madness in the Atlantic to be resolved.

Clemson 20 NC State 14
What a shame the Wolfpack did not win since watching Clemson fans going after Tommy Bowden with their pitchforks would have made for entertaining television. Instead we get to watch NC State fans go after Chuck Amato with their pitchforks because NC State has now clinced a losing season.

Virginia Tech 23 Kent State 0
Yeah, anyone outside of a six mile radius around Blacksburg care about this one?

Boston College 28 Duke 7
Duke is 0-10. Boston College keeps it's divisional title hopes alive and prepare for Maryland next week. More on that in a minute.

Maryland 14 Miami 13
Apparently Ralph Fridgien has developed a scheme which dictates that whatever Maryland scores on offense the defense will hold the other team to six points or less. Maryland has won five straight by margins of 2, 6, 3, 1, 1. Their only ACC loss was by four to Georgia Tech.

Wake Forest 30 Florida State 0
Wake was scary tonight. The way they hit the FSU receivers and quarterback was incredible. They did not hit someone just to knock them down for a tackle, they hit guys to see if they could knock them out of the game. 30 points on an FSU defense which is not considered to be nearly that porous. Wake has to be the odds on favorite to win the ACC title. Virginia Tech looms next week.


1. If Wake Forest loses to Virgina Tech next week. Maryland's easiest path then is to beat Boston College and then Wake Forest(which would eliminate the Deacs.) Losing to BC makes it dicey by giving them two losses along with the Eagles except the Eagles would then own the tiebreaker. So it would make no difference if Maryland then beats Wake Forest, if BC beats Miami and both Maryland and BC are 6-2, the Eagles go to Jacksonville.

2. If Wake Forest beats Virginia Tech, Boston College beats Maryland and then beats Miami, and Maryland beats Wake, then it is a three way tie at 6-2. In a three way tie the first tiebreaker is records among the tied teams against each other which would be a wash with all having 1-1 marks. The second tiebreaker is divisional record. In this scenario Maryland would be 4-1 in the Atlantic with both Boston College and Wake Forest at 3-2 giving Maryland the ticket to Jacksonville.

3. If Wake Forest loses to Virginia Tech, Boston College beats Maryland and Miami, and Wake Forest beats Maryland(which would eliminate the Terps) then it creates a tie between Wake and BC giving the division to Wake via the head-to-head tie breaker.

4. If Wake Forest loses to Virginia Tech, Maryland loses to Boston College, but BC loses to Miami then the Wake-Maryland winner is the divisional champion.

5. If Wake Forest beats Virginia Tech, Maryland loses to Boston College, then BC loses to Miami and Maryland beats Wake Forest, then Maryland wins the division in a tie with Wake via the head-to-head tiebreaker.

6. Wake and Maryland win next week. The winner of Wake-Maryland wins the division

Also, I went 6-0 this week. Thought I should mention that.

This Week: 6-0
This Season: 61-20