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ACC Football Week #13: Review

Miami 17 Boston College 14

Miami plays some tough defense for a change and beats BC to get to 6-6. It was not enough to save Larry Coker who did nothing but go 59-15 in six years.

Florida 21 Florida State 14

Pretty much a lackluster peformance from the Gators who needed style points to make a case for #2 in the BCS. Mercifully for FSU fans Jeff Bowden is done save the bowl game.

UNC 45 Duke 44

John Bunting goes out with wins over the rival schools but not without doing what he has really done best for six years: Make bad play calls.

South Carolina 31 Clemson 28

Remember when Clemson beat Georgia Tech 30-7? Yeah that Clemson does not exist anymore. Tigers lose to the Gamecocks for the first time in four years. I personally think Tommy Bowden will see some heat if things go south next season.

Virginia Tech 17 Virginia 0

Dear Kirk Herbstreit,

Yeah, we agree with the guys down at FSU, James Sewell is not that good.


Virginia Tech Defense

Georgia 15 Georgia Tech 12

You know that "Reggie Ball Moment" everyone has been talking about all season? Well it happened today, in fact it happened three times. Hopefully for GT's sake he got it all out of his system before heading to Jacksonville

East Carolina 21 NC State 16

Chuck Amato is done. End of discussion. Longest football losing streak for the Wolfpack since 1959.

Wake Forest 38 Maryland 24

The interesting thing about the blocked PAT UNC had against Duke was that it reminded us all of the blocked FG Wake Forest had to beat the Blue Devils 14-13 in the second week of the season. At that point we all assumed that this was classic Wake Forest since squeaking out a win over a team that lost to I-AA Richmond the week before is not an indicative of a team that ends up being the first one in the history of the ACC to finish 6-0 on the road. Wake Forest wins the Atlantic Division and will play Georgia Tech next week in Jacksonville for the ACC Championship.

Wake Freakin' Forest.

Duke 0-12, UNC and NC State 3-9, Wake Forest 10-2 and divisional champion.

One more note. The ACC was 0-4 in out-of-conference games on Saturday including an 0-3 mark against the SEC. Woo-hoo...way to represent guys.

This Week: 5-3
Season: 70-25