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ACC/Big Ten Challenge: Night #2

Maryland 72 Illinois 66

This is a huge win for Maryland playing a good team in a truly hostile environment. Maryland is now 8-0 and looking like they should have been picked fourth in the ACC.

Wisconsin 81 Florida State 66

The Big 10 snags their first win of the challenge. It is readily apparent that no one knows that to make of Florida State at this point.

Georgia Tech 77 Penn State 73

Penn State is not a good team. They lost to Stony Brook by eight. It is a little unclear by the Yellow Jackets struggled with the Nittany Lions. It may be a simple holdover from the thorough beating UCLA put on them in Maui.

Duke 54 Indiana 51

Let me just say that Kelvin Sampson is a horrible coach. Indiana had numerous opportunities to tie or take the lead and his players seem either lost out there or unaware of the game situation. I have no idea what to make of Duke at this point other than they are inexperienced and not exceptionally deep. The need for serious development cannot be underscored.

Northwestern 61 Miami 59

The Canes had a chance to tie or win this game at the end but could not get a good shot off. I think the chances that Miami will be last in the ACC is pretty good at this point.

ACC Leads 4-2


Michigan St. at Boston College, 7:00 PM, ESPN
Iowa at Virginia Tech, 7:00 PM, ESPNU
Virginia at Purdue, 7:30 PM, ESPN2
#1 Ohio State at #6 North Carolina, 9:00 PM, ESPN
Clemson at Minnesota, 9:30 PM, ESPN2

Wake Forest at Air Force, 9:00 PM(not part of the ACC/B10 Challenge)