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Gardner Webb at UNC

Where: Dean E. Smith Center, Chapel Hill, NC
When: November 19th, 1:00 PM
TV: None
Records: UNC 2-0, Gardner Web 0-2

It must be UNC's weekend to play teams that lost to Akron at some point during the season.

This is a good game for UNC because (1) Gardner Webb appears to be really dreadful on all counts and (2) UNC has had three days of practice to address the issues which arose from the first two games in Charlotte. In other words Gardner Webb gets to be part guinea pig and part punching bag for the Tar Heels. As I have analyzed on this blog, UNC is a work in progress and as much as the first two games have been illuminating as to the weaknesses of this young team, a game like this one can be very therepuetic in working some of those kinks out. Also, this game is the home opener which will give the team the boost from the home crowd. Other than that I think it will be an exercise in improvement before heading off to New York where UNC will try and win the NIT Championship. Gardner Webb does not have the horse to keep up so this will most likely be closer to the exhibition games in the way it unfolds than the ones in Charlotte.

UNC 112 Gardner Webb 70