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Georgia Tech 7 UNC 0

So assuming Butch Davis was watching this game I am willing to wage a few small pennies that he vowed to anyone who would listen that Joe Dailey would never take a snap at QB when he becomes head coach at UNC. I mean honestly, why in the world did John Bunting leave him in the game after he had thrown two interceptions, one of which in the end zone right to a Yellow Jacket defender? Wait, never mind, that is why he was fired. Anyway, I also wondering where this defense has been for the first, I don't know, nine games. Losing by a lone touchdown in the second quarter is tough. Of course GT's defense is very good, something UNC is well aware of since Jon Tenuta used to be the DC in Chapel Hill until he and Bunting could not be in the same room together. Another ignominious moment on the road to unemployment for JB.

At least we have basketball now to make these unfortunate trips less painful.