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Media Roundup: Butch Davis

Obviously the news cycle is consumed with articles on the hire.

News and Observer

  • Robb Pickeral examines the Butch Davis hire from the perspective of where UNC football wants to go in the future.
  • J.P. Giglio takes a look back at the Davis tenure at Miami as a possible harbinger of how the UNC rebuild might unfold.
  • A.J. Carr dissects the decision behind timing of the announcement and the lack of response from current players.
  • Caulton Tudor takes a swing at how the hiring of Davis will impact the ACC as a whole.
  • Here is a quick Q&A on Davis addressing some of the more pressing speculations about his upcoming tenure.

Charlotte Observer

News and Record

  • Ed Hardin(who is precariously close to being an Unlinkable): Wanders through talking about the coaching search in terms of the internet or something. I am not real sure, the guy is quite the hack.

Sports Illustrated