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St. Augustine's at UNC (Exhibition)

Where: Dean E. Smith Center, Chapel Hill, NC
When: November 1st, 7:30 PM

TV: None
2005-06 Records: UNC 23-8, St. Augustines(D-II) 19-7

That sweet, sweet roundball.

Yes, I know this is only an exhibition and yes I know that they will be playing a Division II school from the CIAA but as much as excitement as there is surrounding the #2 ranked Tar Heels it will be the first chance we have to see them in action for a full forty minutes. This will come off as a very rough rehearsal for the upcoming season and undoubtedly Roy Williams will be implementing several different lineups and sets to see which ones will be the most effective going forward. The Heels are looking to run the ball and score a lot of points. Williams said the goal was to average over 90 points a game and with the talented depth they have that is a very reasonable expectation. UNC should be running wide open as much as possible and since they will have so many offensive weapons available and a point guard who can push the ball I would imagine the points will be flowing at a steady pace. The question tonight is how much you will see of what ends up being the real product two months from now? Probably about half and a lot of working out the kinks. Nevertheless it should be a nice first taste of the coming season. And please, for the love of Franklin Street, no one get injured.

UNC 105 St. Aug's 67