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The Coaching Search: Day 12

We have obviously entered a complete dead zone in terms of publicly known coaching search activity. I do have one question though. It has been indicated by well informed folks like ACC Sports Journal Editor David Glenn that Butch Davis is presently the #1 target. If that is true when what are we waiting around for? Not that I am crazy about hiring Davis, but he is not presently employed as a coach anywhere which means he can be approached and his interest can be ascertained. If he interested then obviously he will come to Chapel Hill to tour the facilities and meet in depth with UNC officials. At that point if UNC is inclined they would put an offer on the table and Davis would either accept or reject.

I realize that I am profoundly ignorant as to how these things work, but 12 days into this process with the top name on the list available I am unsure why there is a delay in either hiring Davis or moving on to the next person. It seems to me that UNC would address his viability right away to make sure other candidates maintain interest in the job.