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The Coaching Search: Day 15

It seems really strange, to me anyway, that for all of the bustle we had Friday night into Saturday about how UNC was "close" to landing Butch Davis I would call the silence since then absolutely deafening. Not that I think it is time to hit a panic button or anything but a certain dread pervades the air and it reeks of Beamer circa 2000. This also add to the question I already had which is why it would take terribly long to deal with Davis considering he has nothing preventing him from taking the job. Yes, there are process which must be met but as I have stressed before UNC would be wise to nip this thing in the bud sooner rather than later.

I think the possibility that Davis could be playing his own game in an effort to fulfill a personal agenda remains very real. The absolute best scenario for Davis is to have a negotiation process crawl as slowly as possible so that (1) he can make a move to take the UNC job if nothing else breaks and (2) he can still wait for something else to break. If this is the case, then UNC is being played a like a cheap violin. Of course for all we know the flurry of information Friday night could have been an intentional leak from UNC to pressure Davis.

So at this point is hard to know what to think. This is part of the issue I have with Davis in that he is not so much interested in UNC per se as he is the revival of his own career. I think the nature of this process and how it is being played out is evidence of that. I am also speculating that if he is dragging this process out for his own agenda then it confirms beyond the shadow of much doubt he will depart Chapel Hill within five years.

In my opinion the more days that pass since the Friday news, the more likely it is that a Beamer situation is in the works and UNC is played the fool once more.