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The Coaching Search: Day 16

The State, a local newspaper in Columbia, SC, has a very good article concerning the UNC coaching search and how the dominance of basketball affects the football program in Chapel Hill. The article also provides it's own short list of coaches considered to be a good fit for UNC.


Five coaches who would be good fits at North Carolina:

Butch Davis. Carolina’s No. 1 choice because of his star power and the way he rebuilt Miami. Carolina wants a name to excite fans.

Paul Johnson. A native of Newland, N.C., Johnson has fielded consistent winners at Georgia Southern and Navy. The concern: how his option offense would play with the fans.

David Cutcliffe. With a commitment from highly regarded Mike Paulus, UNC wants someone who knows how to coach quarterbacks. Cutcliffe tutored the Manning brothers.

Steve Logan. Former East Carolina coach is now an offensive coordinator in NFL Europe. He has his own offseason radio show at a station in Raleigh.

Tom O’Brien. Longtime Virginia assistant has led Boston College to the most consistent success in its history. Faculty will like him; he consistently graduates 90 percent of his players.

I tend to agree with 850's Adam Gold on this in that Johnson and O'Brien constitute the only truly good fits. I still think Davis will be gone too quickly, Cutcliffe did not do all that well at Old Miss and seems to be happy being the guy behind the guy at Tennessee and Logan, a favorite of the N&O's Caulton Tudor, would probably not fit in terms of personality plus some of the fan base looks at him in terms of "he was fired from ECU why would we want him here."

For right now the search hinges upon Davis. And the waiting continues....