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The Coaching Search: Day 19

From David Glenn on 620 AM this morning(hat tip: ICAdmin on The Tar Pit):

"We all know that there is a deal - we also know that because of a request of John Bunting (re: homecoming request) that UNC is attempting to honor (they aren't going to announce yet). I also found out that Butch Davis himself requested that whatever way Bunting wanted this thing done, he's going to support - because he's going to inhereit Bunting's players, who love Bunting. Davis wants to start his relationship with his players on as positive a note as possible.

"UNC, Davis and everyone else knows it's impossible to keep a secret this long. I'm sure they left one signature off the contract so they could say with a straight face and without lying that there is no signed contract. That's probably technically correct, but we all know this is done."

Another consideration is I am assuming they are planning to announce this on Monday because on Tuesday the #2 ranked Tar Heels open the regular season against Sacred Heart and play the winner of the Winthrop/Iona game on Wednesday. That means the media cycle will be spent until Friday. I just do not see them encroaching upon UNC basketball that way, so I think Monday will be the day.