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UNC 110 St. Augustine's 79


Well, actually this was not an unexpected result and all I have to go on at this point is the box score but if this is a taste of what is coming, it will be fun.

Here is a quick summary of how the box score shook out:

  • Brandan Wright was the leading scorer with 19 points. Tyler Hansbrough had 14 points. Wayne Ellington had 13 and Marcus Ginyard who has more of a reputation as a defensive player also had 14 points.
  • UNC had a total of 27 assists in the game with five players registering three assists or more.
  • UNC committed 17 turnovers with with nine of those belonging to Hansbrough(5) and Bobby Frasor(4)
  • The Tar Heels outrebounded St. Aug's 38-32. Reyshawn Terry was the high rebounder with six followed. Hansbrough had five. Frasor, Ginyard, and Danny Green had four apiece
  • UNC shot 60% from the floor and hit 6-16 from three.
  • St. Aug's only hit 38% of their shots, but managed to reach the free throw line 24 times hitting 20 of them.

So based on my analysis of the box score the turnovers were a little high and UNC sent St. Aug's to the free throw line far too often. Without seeing the game I have no idea why Hansbrough gave the ball up five times. UNC had 12 players play at least 10 minutes and no one player had more than 19 minutes in the game. Obviously the playing time will shift when the season starts as Roy Williams settles on his rotation. The manner in which the scoring, rebounding, and assists were spread out among so many players speaks well of the versatility of the talent on the floor. UNC had multiple players excelling in several areas. The fact that players like Alex Stepheson, Danny Green and Reyshawn Terry combined for nine assists shows some unselfish play and that players are looking to pass as much as shoot. It also should be noted that Terry exhibited an ability to do a lot of different things besides scoring points. His line looked like this:

6 points, 5 rebounds, 3 assists, 2 blocks, 2 steals in 19 minutes.

In my opinion that is a lot of contributing from the senior and shows he may be very valuable even if he does not score very much.

All in all it was about what you expected from an exhibition. Williams was undoubtedly exploring any number of lineup possibilities. The turnovers and fouls showed they are still learning the system and defense. It was a nice first glimpse of this highly touted team.