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UNC 140 Pfeiffer 101

Honestly I was a little gobsmacked when I saw the score based on the fact they scored 140 points in 40 minutes but also that they surrendered 101 points in the process. Now, granted this was an exhibition against a D-II school which tempers how one looks at the offensive production and make you feel queasy about the defense. Unfortunately I could not see the game but based on the stats available on the Tar Heel Blue GameTracker it is my understanding that with 4:20 left in the game UNC was up 125-70. What happened over the next four minutes is anyone's guess but somehow Pfieffer manages to rattle off 31 points in that span while UNC scores only 15 which resulted in the final tally. Obviously the defense or lack thereof over the final few minutes did not sit well with Roy Williams:

"There's really not a lot to say. We went up and down and shot the ball at times pretty well, but it's very discouraging to finish the game like that. You have to congratulate Pfeiffer cause they did some nice things, but they scored 28 points in the last 3 minutes and 59 seconds. If we're going to play like that we're going to walk the ball off the court and play 30-point games cause then we're not going to stand for that. But in 30 minutes we did some nice things. Again, Pfeiffer, I loved how competitive they were and kept playing. They're a fun club to watch. We have 22 or 23 practices behind us right now, and I think we've done some good things, and I think we've improved, but the whole team will watch that last 3 minutes and 59 seconds tomorrow because you play like that you can't beat anybody. That's sort of discouraging, sort of takes the fun off of things, but you have to be more competitive than that. We guarded people the same way I did from the bench, not at all." (Source: Inside Carolina)

So here is the first example we have of the team not giving a full effort which is obviously a concern with this much talent is there may be a tendency to put it into cruise. Yes, it is only an exhibition but it is good this kind of thing is showing up now where it can be dealt with.

The other issue the fact that Reyshawn Terry did not play for violating a team rule. Obviously this is not a good trend to start the season for a senior captain to get benched for breaking the rules. In my mind Terry is a concern for the mistakes he might make with his head not his skills. This is clearly one of those mistakes and will stoke that chemistry talk Roy has come to cherish and love at this point in the season. Terry will likely received a stern talking to and tonight should be a huge indicator to him that the team really can function just fine without him. That being said, he brings some nice things to the table and I would just as soon go with him than without.

So in one respect we see just how powerful the offense can be as well as the defense with the exception of the last four minutes. UNC forced 26 turnovers but also committed 24 which may be somewhat of a by-product of the pace though I would think that number needs to come down. The perimeter defense was not good giving up 17 threes in 36 attempts. UNC outrebounded the Falcons 63-27 which is a fairly shocking margin. Tyler Hansbrough had a typical game for him with 24 points and 15 boards in only 22 minutes. Five of the six freshmen were in double figures.

UNC opens the season November 14th against Sacred Heart.