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UNC #2 in AP Poll

UNC did get nine first place votes coming in #2 behind defending champion Florida. As for the other ACC schools, Duke is #12(#11 in coaches poll), Boston College is #15(#15), and Georgia Tech is #23(#21). The rest of it is similar though it might be said that the media thinks less of some teams than the coaches do. Ohio State is #7 in the AP but #4 in the coaches poll, Texas is two spots lower in the AP(#21 vs. #19), and the aforementioned Yellow Jackets are also two spots lower. The AP poll is below. You can find both polls here.

1. Florida
2. UNC
3. Kansas
4. Pittsburgh
5. LSU
7. Ohio State
8. Georgetown
9. Wisconsin
10. Arizona
11. Alabama
12. Duke
13. Texas A&M
14. Memphis
15. Boston College

16. Marquette
17. Washington
18. Connecticut
19. Creighton
20. Syracuse
21. Texas
22. Kentucky
23. Georgia Tech
24. Nevada
25. Tennessee