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Alternate Universe Friday: The Quarterfinals

Interested in hankering down for college football this weekend? Here are your options. (Although Divisions II and IIII are taking advantage of the D-I idiotic postseason to toss a couple of championship games at you - go Mount Union and Grand Valley State!) College football doesn't kick until Tuesday, when the bowl system finally sputters into gear. On the bright side, it's now only 24 days until Ohio State plays a football game! Can't you just take the excitement?

If only there was some sort of system where teams could play multiple times in a postseason, possibly eliminating one another in competivie play until only one remains to be crowned champion. I wonder if such a method would resemble this:

Alright, enough annoying disingenuity. I've been harping on the need for a playoffs inordinately often for an alumnus of a basketball women's soccer school, and here's where I try to demonstrate a plan in action. At various points over the weekend fellow SBNation bloggers are going to bring you the college football you crave, fresh from a magical world with playoffs:

Yeah, I can't see how that lineup this weekend would be remotely as exciting as waiting for a Tuesday Northern Illinois-TCU matchup. I'll update this post with direct links as the stories go up - look for UL-BSU to appear around Sunday.