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Alternate Universe Friday: The Semifinals

Carolina March will probably shift into vacation mode, as I am indeed on vacation. It's a vacation that so far looks to be football-free, since the slate of games really isn't going to peak much interest. Rice-Troy? Tulsa-Utah? USF-ECU? New Mexico-San Jose State? You'll pardon me if I'm not on the edge of my seat.

Of course - and you all know the words by now so sing along - if there was a playoff, we could be sitting down to some actually interesting games this weekend and on Christmas day. If you recall the bracket we've been running as a thought experiment:

...under a sane system we'd have two matchups between Top 5 teams in addition to that lineup of excitement discussed above. (That's one of the things I have trouble getting across to playoff opponents - an eight-team bracket would supplement the bowl system, not supplant it. Rice,  East Carolina and Tulsa would all still get their moment in the sun.)

This week's fooball of the mind is brought to you by:

  • Rakes of Mallow, who pairs the two undefeated teams in college football, when Ohio State meets Boise State.
  • Black Shoe Diaires, placing Florida and Southern Cal  together to decide who really should have been second in the nation.
As last week, I'll update this post with direct links as the stories go up.