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UNC 69, St. Louis 48

Another typical Carolina wi- wait, 69 points? To 48? This wasn't the halftime score, was it?

Obviously not. This was the first game of the season played to the opponent's pace. There were only 65 possessions per team in the game - UNC came in averaging over 76. And yet UNC did everything that needed to be done at the slower tempo. St. Louis wasn't permitted offensive rebounds (5), they didn't get many turnovers (8) and the defense limited their shooting to 36.5%. Oh, and Tyler Hansbrough had 15 points and 13 rebounds in his homecoming. That was helpful.

I also caught a bit of Florida's thumping of Ohio State today. The Gators were impressive, and not at all resembling the team that lost to Florida State earlier this month. But what caught my eye was, naturally, Greg Oden:

AP/Phil Sandlin

With the beard and his size, doesn't he look about thirty? It's like Bill Russell in his prime re-enrolled in college to have some fun in the off-season.