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UNC 75, Kentucky 63

(Or if you prefer, Kentucky 1,930, UNC 1,889.)

These Kentucky games are beginning to blur together. A defense focused entirely on stopping Tyler Hansbrough from scoring? Check. A suprisingly impressive performance from Reyshawn Terry? Check. Benching the starting five en masse? Check.

This was the first game this year where North Carolina didn't get the tempo they desired - a fact that Williams is less than pleased with - but other than that and a raft of poor shooting, UNC did well coming off of the highs of the Ohio State game. The team adapted to a defense led by Randolph Morris with the explicit goal of stopping Tyler Hansbrough, and adapted well. This is what depth brings to team, the ability to lose effective players for long stretches of a game without it damaging the outcome.

This was North Carolina's last big test before the ACC season, as the next seven opponents are,  High Point, UNC-Asheville, Florida Atlantic, Saint Louis, Rutgers, Dayton, and Penn, who have a combined 27-22 and contain at least one team nicknamed "The Billikins." I'm sure a good time will be had by all.

(JL gives you a good summary of the Wildcat despondence here, if you're interested.)