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Soccer Fan For Hire - Proven Results

I present to you your 2006 Women's Soccer National Champions, the North Carolina Tar Heels:

The 2-1 victory over Notre Dame was the Heels' fourth in the NCAA Finals to take home their 18th title. This was the longest UNC had ever gone without winning a National Championship, a drought going back to 2003. Freshman Casey Nogueira and senior Heather O'Reilly each scored, as the Irish couldn't come back from the two-goal deficit.

More pictures of the game are available here, and Irish commentary here.

On the men's side, Carolina March favorite UC Santa Barbara took home the championship holding off UCLA 2-1 on the snow-plowed field in Saint Louis. I guess the Bruins don't have the cold weather tolerance that the folks in Santa Barbara acquire. The Gauchos denied the Bruins their 100th NCAA title across all sports (UCSB now has two, the previous one being the water polo title in 1980.) and have left UCLA fans with only the consolation of some trivial win in a minor sport yesterday. Better luck next year, Bruins.