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ACC Prediction Summary

With the first ACC conference game officially in the books - Virginia has officially ended the Sidney Lowe honeymoon - I figured I'd compile the preseason looks at all the ACC teams, in the predicted order of finish:

  1. North Carolina (14-2)
  2. Boston College (12-4)
  3. Virginia Tech (11-5)
  4. Duke (10-6)
  5. Florida State (9-7)
  6. Virginia (8-8)
  7. Clemson (7-9)
  8. Maryland (7-9)
  9. Georgia Tech (7-9)
  10. Wake Forest (4-12)
  11. Miami (4-12)
  12. N.C. State (3-13)
Revisiting the rankings now, I probably underestimated Maryland and N.C. State, while overestimating Florida State. I have a little less faith in Virginia Tech, but am confident Duke is not a Top 3 ACC team, so someone else will slip by them if the Hokies don't.