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A Little Too Anxious?

That is how I would describe LSU offensive coordinator Jimbo Fisher. According to the N&O's Caulton Tudor, Fisher has told him and anyone who will listen that he is "very interested" in becoming head coach of the NC State football team. It should be noted that this is not the first time Fisher has made such an overt drive for a head coaching position. During the UNC search he showed up on Raleigh's 680 AM one morning in what can only be construed as an effort to lobby for the same position in Chapel Hill. Now that NC State is looking, Fisher is engaging in the same campaign for that job.

I thought it was odd during the UNC search for him to go on the offensive(no pun intended) and seeing him do it during the Wolfpack search strikes me as a little bit of a turn off. Most coaches will simply let the school know they have an interest and then allow the school to dictate the depth of the conversation from that point forward. Fisher obviously does not subscribe to this line of thinking. Fisher seems to think that not only should he make the school aware of his interest but he must also actively push for the job through any media outlet that will give him the time of day.

So, if I were NC State, I would be wary of a guy who is so anxious to get a coaching position he makes lobbying for his own hiring a part time job alongside his regular coaching duties.