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ACC Basketball Update(12/14)


  • Follow the chain here: Miami lost to Mississippi State 70-52(at home no less.) MSU lost to Winthrop who also played the ACC preseason #1, UNC, very close. Conclusion: Winthrop could be the 10th place team in the ACC
  • Also on Monday, the coaches voted Clemson #25 which goes to show if you get to 10-0, regardless of your schedule you too can be ranked.


  • Maryland beat the ever living daylights out of UMKC which I think stands for the University at Missouri-Kansas City. After getting beat 101-50 I think you can probably call them UMKC High.
  • Wake Forest dropped one on the road to Depaul, 78-63. This is not a suprise though DePaul is quite an enigma losing to Kentucky but beating Kansas who lost to Oral Roberts but beat Florida who lost to Florida State. If the first six weeks are an indication my bracket will be worthless by the second round of the NCAA Tournament.