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ACC Basketball Update(12/26)

Yeah I was too busy eating Christmas cookies and turkey to get this out earlier...


  • Clemson is 12-0 after smacking Western Carolina 103-60. I am not sure what to make of the Tigers. The diet so far has been fairly sweet but the 43 point win over a lower-middle tier school does cause you to take notice. The early ACC schedule with Florida State and Georgia Tech will be a good measure of whether this team is legitimate.
  • NC State had done well to avoid any bad losses...until now. Well, losing to Cincinnati 80-71 does not look that bad however the 32 turnovers they committed illustrates some serious weaknesses for the Pack, the foremost being taking care of the basketball. Needless to say the sooner Engin Atsur gets back at point, the better for the Wolfpack.
  • Boston College never really showed up against Kansas and lost 84-66. It was not a good showing for a BC team which has been hot and cold depending the point in the season.
  • In other action: Virginia Tech, Maryland, and Florida State all won easily while Miami fell way short against Louisville.