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ACC Basketball Update(12/29)

In case you didn't know it there were other games being played besides the one Texas Tech was in.

  • Boston College continues to be a total enigma losing to Duquesne of all people 98-93. Duquesne presently has a losing record which included a seven game losing streak. So the only thing we know about BC is that we really do not know anything about BC nor can we reasonably ascertain which version will show up any given night.
  • Clemson continued to make their case for Top 25 legitimacy by beating Georgia 75-60. The Tigers are looking more and more like the real deal. The Tigers should clear Georgia State without too much trouble before playing three of their first four ACC games on the road.
  • NC State had enjoyed some early season success but now the warts seem to be showing, even in a 64-57 win over an East Carolina team that should have not been in the game. Right now the biggest problem for NC State is the lack of depth though the 13 turnovers tonight was 1/3 of what the Pack committed on Saturday.
  • North Carolina, Georgia Tech, Virginia, and Maryland all won big over significantly lesser opponents.