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Butch Davis Shuffles the Staff

Acutally he fired some guys which is probably less shuffling and more pushing them out of a window somewhere. Offensive coordinator Frank Cignetti was one of three cut loose by Davis. The interesting part of the Cignetti dismissal is that way back during the coaching search, UNC recruit Mike Paulus made it abundantly clear to anyone willing to kowtow to him that Frank Cignetti being retained was a key component to his remaining committed to UNC with Bunting having been fired. Well, the last I checked Paulus was still committed which is not really shocking considering Davis was at Paulus' house around Thursday. From that we can extropolate that he probably informed Paulus of his intention to cut Cignetti, then made assurances to Paulus on what kind of OC he would hire to replace Cignetti, and received assurance in return that Paulus was still on board. So when that was all said and done he fired Cignetti who became expendable when Paulus' committment was secured independent of Frank's continued employment.

Fun stuff these coaching transistions. And it also should be noted that I tend not to pay a lot of attention to the hirings and firings of coaches at this point in the year. These kinds of issues like recruiting hold very little interest to me. When the season starts and these people actually begin doing something worth noting I'll sit up and pay closer attention.