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Closing the Book on Two Coaching Searches

Joe Ovies at 850/620 gives us a nice summary of the two successful coaching searches which just wrapped up for UNC and NC State resulting in the hiring of Butch Davis and Tom O'Brien respectively. Joe does a nice job mapping out the winners and losers throughout both processes including everyone's favorite offensive coordinator that no one wants to hire who, for all his efforts, still ends up on the short end of the stick.

Jimbo Fisher: The LSU offensive coordinator tried the hard sell on both North Carolina and NC State, but neither school really gave him a shot. He went on local radio to openly discuss the Tar Heels position, while the Wolfpack ended up cancelling a scheduled interview. The amusing part was that his cancelled interview was the tipping point in the NC State search. Once word got out the following morning, it lead to a frenzy of speculation that the job had been filled. Regardless, I gotta funny feeling that something must be up at LSU, because Fisher sure wants to get out of there ASAP

Ah, Jimbo. Maybe you should give Idaho a call, I hear they have an opening. Just be sure you stay longer than one season.