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Dayton at UNC

Where: Dean Smith Center, Chapel Hill, NC
When: December 31st, 3:00 PM
TV: Fox Sports Net
Records: UNC 11-1, Dayton 10-2

Oh yeah...another game against a school who is probably totall disinterested in running with UNC. On the other hand Dayton is 10-2 but one of those losses was a 30 point drubbing from Pittsburgh. Dayton also lost to Matt Doherty and SMU earlier in the season. Just a quick perusal of the Flyers schedule tells me they are not a powerful offense because (1) they have broken 70 exactly three times against schools who may be some of the worst in the nation and (2) the margin of victory against said schools is not impressive. So I think we can expect Dayton to attempt to play at a slower pace since they lack the depth to challenge UNC nor do they have the offensive weapons. Dayton also lacks any kind of interior presence which would give Hansbrough and Wright too much trouble. So for the Heels this is a game about maintianing focus, imposing their will on Dayton for a full forty minutes, and continuing the improvements on defense as well as the offensive balance we saw versus Rutgers.

UNC 91 Dayton 60