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Duke Fans Show Why They Are Duke Fans

The latest episode of painful stupidity to emanate out of Durham comes from a little brouhaha over the infiltration of Cameron Indoor Stadium during the game last March, by a handful of Robertson Scholars, students who can take classes at both UNC and Duke and the decision of the Duke student government to (childishly) ban them from Krzyzewskiville. Fellow Tar Heel bloggers Zack Mansfield and Carolina March each have a great take on the matter. From the N&O write-up:

It was bad enough that Tar Heel loyalists had infiltrated Duke University's hallowed basketball kingdom -- first at Krzyzewskiville and then Cameron Indoor Stadium.

But when Carolina's Robertson scholars -- a select group that takes classes at both Duke and UNC -- raucously cheered their men's basketball team to victory last year in Blue Devil territory, it was time for revenge.

That's right, apparently Cameron Indoor Stadium is such sacred ground that having these Tar Heel fans actually get into a game through legitimate means and cheer for the team to which they are loyal is seen as affront to the deity of Coach K or some such nonsense as that. Honestly, where does the people get off? I remember when the Cameron Crazies hit the big time. They were witty, they threw the shoes on the court at Chris Washburn, and we were all so impressed. Then Dick Vitale starting pimping them like a cheap prostitute on wrong side of Durham. Now what he have is a bunch of self important idiots who take themselves so seriously that they actually bar fully credentialed students from getting access to the best seats at arguably the most heated rival game in college sports. And all of this because they got outfoxed by some UNC fans and had them in their midst cheering for UNC as Tyler Hansbrough jack slapped the ACC Defensive Player of the Year all over the court during senior night. I also think it is funny how ideals like free speech and tolerance are suddenly taboo in cases like this. Of course had this happened in reverse the crowing about how smart Duke students are would never cease. Of course Deadspin has the best response to the apparent unwillingness of the Duke administration to do anything constructive(what else is new):

That's right; the president of Duke has no authority in Krzyzewskiville, a lawless place where Dick Vitale is worshiped as a god, and worn, tattered Christian Laettner posters are used as currency. Lord help us all.

Just for this I can only hope UNC thrashes Duke by at least 25 on February 7th.